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Preserve the Water Tower Fund
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Randy Glysch
Friends of the Historic Oregon Water Tower
898 Leeward Ln
Oregon, WI  53575
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Historic Weather Vane Piece Found

As we proceed with the restoration and repainting of the Historic Village Water Tower, part of the restoration includes replacing a weather vane that was located on the top of the Historic Water Tower.  We only had a few pictures of the Tower with the weather vane.  The weather vane included an arrow that moved with the wind.  The pictures we have show an arrow that is clearly damaged and bent.  The weather vane fell over the top of the towers years ago, but we don't exactly know when.  There are stories of local businesses near the Tower seeing parts of the weather vane on the ground, but no one had any idea what finally happened to them, until now.  A few weeks ago the Village had a contractor exam the Tower in preparation for the upcoming restoration and repainting.  As the constractors were on site, examining the Tower, they had a conversation with the owner (Bob) of the Badger Bicycle Company building next to the Welcome Center and Water Tower.  The conversation lead to the weathervane, and Bob told the contractors he remembered finding a piece of the arrow of the weathervane.  Bob went back into his autobody shop, and returned with the piece of the arrow off the historic weathervane.  This piece of the weathervane arrow is now back in the possession of the Village, and plans are to display this piece of history in the Welcome Center for all who visit to see.  This piece of the weathervane will be used to help redesign a replacement weathervane that will be installed on top of the newly restored and repainted Tower.

We Are Moving Forward on the Tin Man Water Tower

With the restoration of the Pump House, now the Welcome Center behind us, efforts are now being focused on restoring and repainting the Tin Man style Water Tower.  Our funding raising goal was $20,000, with the Village of Oregon helping with the rest of the cost for the restoration and repainting.  Currently we are at $25,527.  We are still collecting donations, and they can be sent to the following address:

Village of Oregon, 117 Spring Street, Oregon, WI  53574.  Checks are tax deductible and should be made out to:  Preserve the Water Tower Fund

We also for sale engraved Tin Man brick pavers for $125 for our new Tin Man patio.

The plan is to have the Tin Man restored and repainted in spring of 2016, and we are on schedule for this to happen.  Our plans also include adding a new weather vane on top of the Tower, to replace the previous one that rusted off.  We are also planning on lighting the Tower at night tastefully with new LED lights on the legs and catwalk.

Contact information is Randy Glysch at, or phone, (608) 291-0648.


October 14th Fundraiser

A fundraiser for the Tin Man Water Water will be held at the former Mason's on Main, 113 S. Main Street, on Wednesday, October 14th, from 5-8:30.  The new restaurant is called The Main Event.  Music, food, and a Silent Auction.

Video of the Tin Man Water Tower

If you want to see a video of the Tin Man Water Tower, paste the below link in your web browser.  The video was taken with a drone.  You get a close view of the Tower.

Don't forget to donate toward the restoration and repainting of the Tin Man.


Tin Man Campaign Underway

Now that we completed the restoration on the Pump House, now the Welcome Center, we're ready to focus on the Water Tower.  We are calling it the Tin Man, because the style of tower has the characteristics of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.

Continue to watch for updates and events taking place around the Village.  When the new retaurant Liliann's opens, we will be having a fundraising event there.  

We have new tee shirts being printed with a logo of the Welcome Center and Water Tower.  These will be for sale as a fundraiser.  

We are also creating a new Tin Man patio just behind the bench at the Welcome Center.  We will have 4" x 8" engraved pavers for sale for $125.

Watch for other fundraising events in the coming months.

Our goal is to raise another $25,000 to help pay for the cost of the restoration and repainting of the Tin Man.

We always welcome donations.  They are tax deductible, and checks can be made payable to:  Preserve the Water Tower Fund, send your donations to:  Oregon Village Hall, 117 Spring Street, Oregon, WI  53575.  If you have questions or have an idea on how we can raise funds, please call Randy Glysch at (608) 291-0648.